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Bootcamp Day 38 — The 80's

I didn’t listen to a lot of current music during the 80’s; during that decade, I was mostly listening to classical music, with occasional visits to the local rock stations (WSHE being the only one I can remember from my time in South Florida), where I usually hoped to hear early-70’s progressive rock.

But I guess I did get exposed to some what was on the radio during the 80’s, because much of what I’m hearing on today’s Bootcamp installment is at least vaguely familiar — I even recognized one song well enough to know its title and who did it (Peter Gabriel’s “Games without Frontiers”). On the other hand, although I’d heard of Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” before today, I am sure I’d never actually heard it (and I don’t think I missed much).

I just looked at the 80’s IT list and there are lots of familiar songs through about 1983; after that, they’re few and far between.

I tuned in too late for Bruce Kelly’s show, but I should be around for some of Heidi Selexa’s gig later this afternoon; from what I’ve read on the XM discussion board, it should be fun. (Yep, it was fun; I left the office and my XM radio five minutes before she played my requests — I guess I’ll have to try again another day!)

I’ll be back — the more I listen, the more I like it!

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Bootcamp Day 37 — The Flow

Today’s Bootcamp stop is The Flow, which describes itself as “America’s first Neo Soul channel”. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Soul Music the first time around (except for some Motown crossovers), so I didn’t have high hopes for today’s visit.

The music is better than I expected, but it doesn’t really speak to me (as usual, I’m listening in background mode, so I’m not concentrating on the lyrics). I might stop by again, but it’s unlikely that I’ll make The Flow a regular part of my XM diet.

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Bootcamp Day 32 (Delayed) — Frank's Place

Frank’s Place will be my last stop on today’s Bootcamp catchup expedition, and a very nice stop it is, too. When I was growing up, I heard a lot of music from this era — when I didn’t have control of the radio, it was usually on WRVA/1140, which played “the standards” — Sinatra and his friends. And, while I liked the music of my generation better, I enjoyed listening to this music, too. And I still do.

I wouldn’t want to spend every day here, but it’s a nice place to kick back, relax, and enjoy real pros.

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Bootcamp Day 31 (Delayed) — Hank's Place

It’s a quiet day at work — my manager is in Asia, most of my colleagues took the day off or are working from home, and IBM locations in New York are closed for the holiday. So I’m taking advantage of the quiet to work on a proposal, get caught up on my e-mail, and catch up on the Bootcamp channels I missed last week in Paris. I’ll be catching up on the rest of the channels later this week (I suspect that some of this week’s channels won’t hold my interest for very long).

At any rate, I’ve spent the last hour or so at Hank’s Place, which has been a very pleasant surprise. As I’ve written before, I didn’t like country music when I was growing up — but my tastes have broadened over the years, and I’m enjoying my visit to the honky-tonk country era at Hank’s today. I’m surprised at how many of the songs I know, too.

Sometimes, though, when I listen closely enough to hear the lyrics, I’m taken aback, as when they played Mary Kilroy’s “Bit and Bridle” a few minutes ago.

I’ll be back to Hank’s. Wish I could get them to deliver the beer, though!

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Bootcamp Day 28 (Delayed) — The Joint

Reggae music — “The Joint” — get it?

But even without inhaling, the music’s pretty good to listen to, and quite relaxing. I missed the official visit on Bob Marley’s birthday, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard today, and expect to wander back from time to time.

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Bootcamp Day 30 (Delayed) — E!

I don’t read Entertainment Weekly, People, or Us. I don’t watch E! on TV. And I didn’t expect to get much out of listening to E! Entertainment Radio.

I was right.

I listened to part of a program called “Rock Stars’ Daughters” and decided that that was more than enough time to give this particular channel. It takes all kinds, I guess, but E! gets an F from me.

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Bootcamp Day 36 — Unsigned

Now that I’m back at home (and work), I’m resuming my Bootcamp listening (and while I’m at it, I’m switching to the official day numbering, including the weekends, which I’m skipping; I’ve gone back and renumbered all my earlier entries).

Today’s channel is Radio Unsigned, featuring unsigned bands from many genres and locations. As you’d expect, the music is varied — I’ve heard rock, rap, and more. I’ve liked quite a bit of it, but very definitely not everything.

I’ll probably come back to this channel for occasional visits, but it’s uneven enough that it’s not a good choice for me to listen to at work.

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A news story I don't need to read

From the current headlines page on

W. Va. May Regulate Tongue – Splitting [11:26 a.m. ET]

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Home again!

Somewhat to my surprise, I was able to change my flight home, so instead of stopping and changing planes in Washington, I took the non-stop from Paris to San Francisco. This meant getting up a bit earlier than I would have otherwise, and doing without a trip to the fitness center this morning, but it also meant getting home about 6 hours earlier — which is always a good idea.

I expected to eat breakfast in the hotel this morning — but at the last minute, I couldn’t bring myself to spend 23 Euros when I wasn’t all that hungry. It was too early to try the 7 Euro croissant and coffee in the bar, so I went out anyway, and found a bakery nearby which opened just as I got there at 7am. I had coffee and croissants and spent a little less than I would have in the bar, but at least I got a bit of exercise in the bargain.

The trip home was uneventful, which is just the way I like it. Now, all I have to do is stay up for a few more hours so I can get adjusted to Pacific time.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Falafel for dinner

Somewhat to my surprise, one of my colleagues asked me tonight if I was serious about going to Rue de Rosiers and eating falafel — I thought about it for a few seconds and decided that shwarma last night didn’t mean I couldn’t have falafel tonight, and said “yes”.

So we bought zone 3 tickets (1.90 Euros instead of 1.30 for zone 1) and took the Metro to St. Paul. Then we wandered around the area for a bit, checking out some shops (but not buying anything), before heading to the proper street for dinner.

There were lots of restaurants to choose from; finally, I succumbed to the lure of the “Artisanal Pita” sign on Mi-Va-Mi (which also got a good review from Megnut), and we sat down for a repast. Doug had the deluxe shwarma plate; I had a simple falafel sandwich (very good, though I didn’t see anything fantastic about the pita); and we split a half-bottle of Kosher L’Pesach Bordeaux. Nice and cheap.

I was still a little hungry and in a mood to do some comparison eating, so then I went to L’As du Fallafel and had another falafel. Yummy, but I’d have to say Mi-Va-Mi was a little bit better (though slightly more expensive).

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