FIJAGDH, or Waiting for the Worldcon

The Matrix is a tiny SUV-like vehicle; to my mind, it is mostly distinguished by the instrument panel, which features illuminated red gauges, a color which is nearly invisible if one is wearing sunglasses, as I was. But I made it to work anyway, fighting off the temptation to stop by the Convention Center and pick up our Worldcon registration packets.

I’m glad I went to the office instead of trying to work at the car dealer’s; I got stuff done. But I left a bit early so I could pick up the car…oh, and go to the Worldcon and register.

Light Rail is being destructed just south of downtown, so they’re running with only one track for part of the distance; that slowed down the trip considerably, but I made it, and then left quickly. On the way back to the car, I started reading the pocket program, discovering many panels I’d like to see, such as:

  • How to Lie with Statistics: The Continuing Story — This is a self-defense class.
  • Star Trek Jeopardy! — Watch out for the Stardate Doubles!
  • Creating Alien Languages: A Workshop
  • The Martha Stewart Slanshack — How does one store one’s books, DVDs, etc., when they exceed the contents of some libraries and video stores, anyway? And make it look absolutely fabulous in the bargain?
  • Astronomy as a Hobby When You have a Day Job — Can you call in sick with a case of the Perseids?
  • And many more…

Not all of the panels are winners, but there are enough which are that I’m giving serious thought to taking tomorrow off (after my 8am phonecall, anyway) and going to the con. There’s supposed to be wireless access there, so I could still keep up with my e-mail….

And to think I nearly didn’t register.

68% spam

Boy, it’s hard to get back to work. I’m behind on everything, but the e-mail situation wasn’t as bad as I expected…mostly because 68% of the mail which arrived while I was on vacation was spam. But it still took a long time to get through it.

I haven’t organized pictures or thoughts from our vacations yet, but I will, RealSoonNow:

I spent last night communing with Quicken…I’d fallen nearly three months behind in data entry. There’s more quality time with Quicken in my near future, too…the pile of papers to deal with is still far too high.

But right now, I’m looking forward to Worldcon, which is conveniently located in downtown San Jose. I won’t be able to do much there in the evenings, since we’re not taking a hotel room (in other words, I won’t be there for the parties!), so I guess I’ll have to settle for going to programming (something I never would have done in my trufan days), the Hucksters’ Room, the Art Show, and the special events.

On vacation…

It’s been a while since I flipped my page, and much to my surprise, I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m still alive and well.

So, for all of you out there in Radio[User]-land, I am still alive and well; it’s been an intensive summer of vacationing, and I have a ton of pictures to edit and post. But the summer is not over, and neither are the vacations, and I’ll be without Internet access again for another few days. Once I return, I’ll be dealing with a pile of spam (I took a brief work break last week; 61% of the e-mail waiting for me at work was spam) and catching up on work before I can get to the fun stuff.

I expect to be back to regular updates next week. But then it’ll be time to go to Worldcon — no sense in getting back to work too strenuously with a three-day weekend available!