A most relaxing way to start the New Year

I’m trying to get myself back into the blogging habit — significant content is very optional at this point in the process. But please read on anyway — I promise to keep it short.

We spent Friday night and Saturday at Rosh Hashana services…boy, are the seats ever hard at the church we use. My butt is not looking forward to Yom Kippur!

After services on Saturday, we had late lunch with some friends from our Havurah who’d just had their kitchen remodelled — they’d used the same contractor we had used back in ’99, and were mostly pleased (they’ll be happier when the whole job is complete). We sat around with a dozen other people and chatted — even had a bit of champagne to bring in the year properly.

Then on Sunday evening, we had dinner with the family with whom we shared the Bar Mitzvah (was that only back in February? It seems so long ago…) and their other guests. Again, we mostly sat around and chatted — and had a bit of champagne to bring in the year properly.

Today, it was back to work. No champagne.

Today is L Day!

Work has gotten more interesting since May 15th, when I transferred back into the IBM Research Division, joining Almaden Systems Research, where I’m once more learning what it’s like to have deadlines and local colleagues.

L day diet:

There was a nice surprise waiting for me at home, too, although I can’t say that a chocolate cake is a total surprise for anyone’s birthday at our house. Amusingly, Lunardi’s (the store where Diane and Jeff bought the cake) is celebrating its 50th birthday this week, too.