Bootcamp Day 93 — World Zone

World Zone is a more diverse Folk Village, playing music in many styles from all over the world. And most of the music has been great — this is a channel I probably wouldn’t ever have gotten around to visiting without Bootcamp, but now it’s likely to become one of my favorites.

Site problems

I’m not sure what happened, but the server hosting Defenestration Corner was down for about a day, so I wasn’t able to post my thoughts about the channels I visited yesterday until it came back to life, just after lunch West Coast time. So they’re on today’s page, but were actually written yesterday.

Bootcamp Day 86 (Delayed) — On The Rocks

When I first got XM, On The Rocks had been temporarily changed to “Holly”, playing all Christmas music all the time — a format of no interest at all to me. And I never bothered to listen after it returned to its normal format, because I already had established my favorite XM channels. And then I missed the proper day during Bootcamp.

But I finally got around to listening today, and this channel is a gas! The music is familiar and mostly upbeat, which makes it good for work — even if it makes me consider beverages which are usually off-limits at work.

Definitely worth another round!

Bootcamp Day 92 — U-Pop

U-Pop describes itself as the “pop heard ’round the world”. It was no more foreign to me than the music on the most of the other Hits channels (I’m not sure why Cinemax and On Broadway are included in “Hits”) — I just don’t listen to much contemporary pop music. And I had the volume way down, so I couldn’t really tell whether the music was in English or another language.

There wasn’t anything offensive on the channel, but there wasn’t anything which would draw me back, either.