I'm ready for the weekend

But for too many of my colleagues, today doesn’t mark the beginning of the weekend, it marks the end of their IBM career. Fare ye well, one and all.

I don’t want one of these

Coming Soon: A ‘Telephone Tooth’  
Tired of losing your cell phone? Having other people listen in on your conversations? What about all the times you’ve had to turn it off at public events, or leave it behind while swimming? Two British inventors unveiled a prototype of a device Friday that could solve those problems. But there’s a drawback — your dentist would have to install it inside one of your molars.

B’nai Mitzvah news

Our havurah has its first B’nai Mitzvah this weekend; it’s also a doubled B’nai Mitzvah (as Jeffrey’s will be), so we have more than one reason to attend. Planning for Jeffrey’s Bar Mitzvah is moving apace, too. Only 7 months…yikes!!

Shabbat Shalom

No big plans for the weekend other than going to shul; maybe I’ll have a chance to edit the photos I took on my last two trips. Or maybe I’ll just play Simpsons’ Road Rage some more.

More bad ideas

So, not only am I playing Road Rage, I’ve started watching The Simpsons, too.

And today at work, I got a note from the Travel Expense Auditors telling me that they’d found a problem with my most recent expense account. I have to admit that I have a lot more respect for those folks than I did on Monday…and, fortunately, the problem appears to be easy to solve (I did something out of profile and forgot to write a note documenting it — so they flagged it, as they should).

But it could be worse. I could be at the wrong end of this conversation and be out $3!

This may not have been a good idea

On Sunday, I thought to myself, “that looks like fun,” and got him to show me the basics. I was right — it is fun! So we’re taking turns playing; he’s a lot better than I am, but I’m improving every run. And so far, I’ve managed to keep it from interfering with my driving in reality, too.

5000 miles flying, 1000 miles driving…

…and I’m home again.

The travel was worthwhile — it was good seeing everyone, both family and co-workers. And both my presentations went well, though we haven’t yet rid the world of spam, nor are all privacy concerns fixed.

I’m looking forward to spending time at home…the weather looks pretty good for the weekend, and the company is great. So it’s time to turn off the machine and enjoy!

Shabbat Shalom!

On the road again

This time, it’s a tour of the East Coast. The next couple of days see my department’s semi-annual planning meeting, this time in Greenwich, Connecticut, at my second-line manager’s palatial estate (or at least at his house…I’ve never seen the place, so I have no idea what it’s like). Then some quick family visits over the weekend, followed by the Global Internet Project’s Anti-Spam Workshop (I’m on the Policy panel). Then, after a day of INET 2002, I return home so I can drive to Sacramento to talk at a privacy meeting. And then I’m home for a while. I hope.

Updates may be sketchy and infrequent (so what else is new?) for a while. Worse, I’m falling behind in my weblog reading — I’m sure I’ve missed two or three controversies in the last few days already!