Bootcamp Day 49 — Bluegrass Junction

Sometimes, I astonish myself. I don’t know why I predicted a C for Bluegrass Junction. After all, I like folk music; I loved the music in O Brother, Where Art Thou?; and “Orange Blossom Special” has always been one of my favorites. So I guess I must’ve been asleep when I made my prediction for today.

At any rate, I was wrong. I enjoyed listening to Bluegrass Junction all day — it was even good music to program by, and that’s not easy for me to say about music with strong vocals and lyrics.

This is definitely a channel to which I’ll return frequently!

Touchscreen Voting: Quick and Easy — but did it count?

I just got back from voting in the California primary. This was my first experience with touchscreen voting — it was much faster and easier than the old punch-card system was. The system guided me through the process, and at the end, it showed me all of my votes on one screen, so I could be sure I’d voted the way I wanted to.

I just wish I had some assurance that the votes shown on my screen were the votes which actually got into the system — all I have to go by is my faith in the county and state elections officials and the voting machine manufacturer. I would be much happier if the system printed out my votes on paper, and that printout would be used in the event of a recount or a dispute.

This particular election is unlikely to be worth hacking, but November will be a different story.