Bootcamp Day 82 (Delayed) — Family Talk

Family Talk is badly misnamed. XM’s channel summary does better, calling this channel “Christian Talk”. I suppose that, if you like talk radio and you agree with the beliefs espoused on this channel, you’d enjoy listening. But I don’t. One visit was more than enough, thanks.

Bootcamp Day 80 (Delayed) — Watercolors

Watercolors is XM’s “smooth jazz” channel. I occasionally listen to KKSF/103.7 in the car, but rarely for long — the commercials are far too disruptive.

On XM, of course, there aren’t any commercials — which makes Watercolors a much more listenable channel. Smooth Jazz still isn’t my preferred musical genre, but it does a dandy job of masking conversations in the office next door without distracting me too much, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

Bootcamp Day 87 — Top Tracks

I’ve been away from Bootcamp for a while — a combination of travel and an office move which put me on the north side of the building, away from the satellite signal. But after some fiddling, I found a spot for my antenna where there’s just enough signal from a repeater to give reception with no dropouts, though I’m sure that I’m not getting the best signal that XM can deliver.

It’s going to be a challenge to get caught up before the official end of Bootcamp (especially since I’ve got all-day meetings Monday and Tuesday of next week), but I’m going to do it — though that means shorter reviews (and at least one member of my reading audience will approve of that change!).

Top Tracks is today’s Bootcamp choice. I expected to like it, and I do — it plays familiar Classic Rock tracks, though its playlist is clearly deeper than that of the local Clear Channel classic rock outlet, KUFX/98.5, and so I’ve heard songs I hadn’t heard in many years, a rare event when listening to FM.

It’d be nice if the channel had a bit more personality, but it’s still worthy of a preset.