Bootcamp Day 97 — Suite 62

My radio spent most of the morning on today’s channel, Suite 62, and I’ve returned to it after my catchup excursions. It’d be more fun to listen to this channel as part of an evening’s entertainment, but it’s not bad for the office, either. Definitely a pleasant surprise, and worth a return engagement.

Bootcamp Day 75 (Delayed) — XM Comedy

Music makes a much better accompaniment for work than comedy does (sometimes, tragedy would be even more appropriate!). So trying to listen to XM Comedy in the office was probably a mistake.

The bits I did hear didn’t impress me much, though; I prefer clean comedy to routines laced with gratuitous profanity.

This might be a channel to listen to in the car, when I’m by myself. But otherwise, it’s not going to be one of my regular stops.