"Unwired at 65mph" or "How we found Osaka"

We were driving from Richmond, Virginia, to Adelphi, Maryland this afternoon, and it was time for dinner. I suggested that, for old times’ sake, we eat at what we thought might be the only surviving Lum’s restaurant, but I wasn’t exactly sure where it was.

Fortunately, I now have Verizon Wireless Wide-Area Wireless service, so Jeff Googled (hmmm…wonder how long “Google” will need an upper-case letter?) for “Lums Restaurant Virginia” and found the phone number, which Diane dialed, only to hear the dreaded “dee-dee-dee, the number you have called is no longer in service” recording. All at 65 mph (and not one bit faster, in case any state troopers are reading this), which boggles my mind. Good thing I had passengers, though, so I didn’t have to type and drive at the same time!

So instead of getting off the highway in Woodbridge, where Lums used to be, we got off in Springfield. En route to the Springfield Mall, where I guessed we’d find something tolerable, if not good, Diane saw Osaka Japanese Restaurant, and we went there. It was pretty good, and much more interesting than the food court would have been!