Been there, done that, but worse….

Chef Joanna writes:

I just grabbed a spoon and was ready to dig in to a smooth, cool, creamy tub of chicken fat.

I thought it was home-made vanilla ice cream. Oops!

When I was a kid, I grabbed a wrapped thing from the fridge that I thought was a piece of candy.

It was actually one of my Mom’s prescriptions, and was intended to enter the system from the other end. Fortunately, it tasted horrible and I spat it out immediately.

I never did find out what it was supposed to cure, but it sure cured me of grabbing things from the fridge without checking them out first!


What I should be doing right now is dealing with the ridiculous backlog of stuff to be entered into Quicken, or, even better, finding an alternative to Quicken. But I’m not.

In fact, not doing what I should be doing seems to be a theme lately (where “lately” is defined as “since I was born”). So it’s not really surprising that I’m continuing in the same vein tonight.

I spent part of today watching the US vs. Czech Republic match (it was on one of the TVs at work); I wish I understood soccer better, but it was obvious, even to a novice like me, that the US team wasn’t “on”. I have those days, too, but I’m usually not compelled to try to perform on worldwide live TV. Probably a good thing, too.

Perhaps tomorrow will feel less like a Monday than today.

All is calm…

Earlier this week at work, one of my friends said, “I guess things must be going well for you, because you always blog the catastrophes” (or something pretty close — she definitely used the word “catastrophe”).

Well, yes. Not that things couldn’t be better — but the last couple of weeks have been pretty calm.

Unless you count pie failures. I’ve tried making my Chocolate Peppermint Pecan Pie, and it hasn’t set properly. My best guess, and one confirmed by an experienced baker at work, is that the weather is the culprit, and that I’d be better off cooling the pie in the refrigerator instead of letting it sit on the counter. I have one pie crust left, which I want to get out of the freezer, so I’ll try her theory soon.