So much for the blogroll

I haven’t been keeping my blogroll up to date for a long time – basically, I do almost all my blog reading in NetNewsWire, and I haven’t found a good (read: automatic) way of reflecting what I follow there to the blogroll here.

But spammers have figured out how to update the blogroll here automatically, so I just got rid of it entirely.

Damn spammers.

What kind of fool am I?

I’ve read a couple of blog postings today(*) which mentioned Meyers-Briggs classifications, so I decided to see what mine was. I tried two freebies, within 30 minutes of one another:

HumanMetrics, which claims I’m an ISTJ, and, which claims I’m an ISTP.

I guess 75% agreement isn’t bad on this kinda thing…

(*) One posting is only available to IBMers, so I won’t post the URL here; the other is from Lauren Wood’s blog.