Magnificent Magnolias and More

We took advantage of the cool, cloudy, but not-yet-rainy weather this morning to visit the San Francisco Botanical Garden and take in this year’s Magnificent Magnolias. The magnolias won’t be in full bloom for another couple of weeks, but they weren’t bad today – and there were lots of camellias, aloe, and other flowers to keep them company.

One more magnolia

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We stopped for lunch at Cafe La Flore on Irving Street, a short walk from the Gardens; it was delicious. We probably could have skipped dessert, but one of Jeff’s high school classmates is the chef at San Francisco Hometown Creamery and we wanted to support him, so we forced ourselves to enjoy their ice cream. :-)

The rains arrived after we got home. We just got a robocall from the county warning us of severe weather to come; I hope we’ll be able to go to City Lights tomorrow to see Nora: A Doll’s House.