Progress through self-service

I called the solar installer this morning to see when they planned to come out to do the inspection that they couldn’t do on Tuesday. My contact there said it would take a while, but suggested a way to move forward more quickly. All I had to do was give them some information about the house and take a bunch of photos, including the main panel, the service entrance, the gas meter, and a few photos of the attic and the furnace.

It wasn’t difficult (though I probably should buy a taller ladder!); he looked at the photos and the info I sent and said they’d suffice.

This afternoon, we signed the contract for the heat pump to replace the furnace and A/C. We should qualify for a couple of significant rebates – one from BayREN and one from the electric company. The electric company rebate requires that you send in a photo of the furnace you’re replacing…and I just happened to have taken such a photo a few hours previously. Serendipity!

Spring is nearing – it was about 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday, and the first tulips of the season are already blooming at our neighbor’s house.

Cleaning up

I borrowed “Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never Ending Battle with Stuff” by Dana K. White from Amazon’s “Prime Reading” library nearly four years ago; I finally finished reading it on the plane home from Hawai’i (which says something about the speed of my life!). And I’ve been cleaning up stuff ever since we got home, such as the files in the office I mentioned last night.

Today, I finally got ready to try to get rid of the A/V receiver I’d replaced when we bought the 4K TV in January; it had been sitting in the living room ever since I took it out of service. I posted it on Facebook Marketplace and on NextDoor; five hours later, I’d sold it on Facebook for $45 (I got three inquiries on Facebook before finding the buyer; NextDoor didn’t provide any nibbles).

I also got rid of some other disused electronics…well, I moved them into the e-waste bag in the garage, which is getting pretty full. I guess I need to find out how to get the e-waste out of the house next!

Rain Delay

Our solar installer was supposed to be here at 9 this morning to do the official site survey and roof inspection so that they can submit the paperwork for permits and PG&E approval. But the weather outside was frightful, and when the surveyor arrived, he said that it was too windy and rainy to do the inspection. As he put it, “when the ground is wet, the roof is usually wet, too.”

That wasn’t the most exciting thing that happened today; I could show you photos of the piles of manila folders I sorted through and refiled, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Riches beyond belief

We got to the JCC for the eighth time this month, thereby winning their February challenge and earning our choice of the goodies on offer. I chose their workout towel.

Our accumulated mail arrived, including a settlement in a class action against AT&T – I am now $15.61 richer than I was before. I’m not quite sure what the actual complaint was (something about administrative fees not being properly labeled, I think), but at least the settlement was cash instead of a coupon!

Catching up

I spent the day doing very mundane things like shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. We watched a couple of hours of TV, and I read the Merc.

We ate a lot of fish on our trip, but it was mostly mahi-mahi and Ono, so we picked up some ahi at the Farmers’ Market and I made it for lunch.

I’d hoped to see snow on the hills from Friday’s storm, but it was too cloudy to see the tops of any of the mountains; the forecast calls for more snow this week, so there’s still a chance.

Not an exciting day, but I didn’t mind.