Hong Kong 2001

I visited Hong Kong in late April/early May, 2001, for the W3C Advisory Board and Advisory Committee meetings and for WWW10, the Tenth International World Wide Web Conference. I managed to fit in a bit of sightseeing during the trip, too.

  • April 25: A few words about the United First Class Lounge in San Francisco
  • April 26: Many words about my flight to Hong Kong, a few words about the Airport Express in Hong Kong, and a few pictures
  • April 27: Wandering through Kowloon and going to Shabbat Services at the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong
  • April 28: A boring day at the W3C Advisory Board meeting
  • April 29: Buying a phone, other shopping, and my first ten-course dinner of the trip
  • April 30: The Advisory Committee meeting, a ten-course lunch, pictures from HKUST (including odd signs), and a pointer to the pictures and story of the ten-course meeting dinner at Ocean Park
  • May 1: Day 2 of the Advisory Committee meeting, no ten-course meal, and more talk of shopping
  • May 2: Hong Kong hotel reviews and the opening of WWW10 (with pictures)
  • May 3: More WWW10 talk, another ten-course banquet, and a few pictures
  • May 4: The end of the conference, Shabbat services, and some thoughts on Pirke Avot and memes
  • May 5: Sightseeing at The Peak and more shopping
  • May 6: Hot and sweaty sightseeing
  • May 7: The trip home (only one picture!)