Dinner and a show at Ocean Park

W3C always arranges a dinner after the first day of the Advisory Committee meeting. This time, it was at the Middle Kingdom restaurant at Ocean Park, a local amusement park.

As we got off the bus from the hotel, we were greeted by drummers.

862 drummer:  We were greeted by drummers as we entered Ocean Park.

And then we walked down a path lined with costumed welcomers.

863 welcome:  A welcoming greeter at Ocean Park

We were on the way to the show preceeding dinner at the Middle Kingdom. Monday was Buddha’s birthday, part of the four-day holiday weekend here in Hong Kong.

864 buddha:

I was enjoying myself so far…but dinner was yet to come!

865 me at Ocean Park:

Before dinner, we were treated to a show featuring acrobats from Guangzhong. The background of the show was that it was the Prince’s birthday. I’m not sure what the story line was supposed to be; I just enjoyed the acrobatics and music.

868 show:  The guy on the far right is the King.  As Mel Brooks says, "It is good to be the King!"

870 show:  I thought this was good.  I hadn't seen nothin' yet!

Doesn’t she look like she’s having a good time?

872 show:  She makes it look easy and fun....

I see a bright future in programming here….

874 show.JPG:

These next pictures give a whole new meaning to the concept of “rearranging the deck chairs”.

877 show:

880 show:

881 show:

After the show, we were treated to yet another banquet; this time, I took the non-vegetarian option and skipped the seafood courses, so I had a fairly light dinner (just six courses!).