Work, work, work….

Three-day weekends are great. Returning from a three-day weekend is a different story. Fortunately, this is a two-day week for me!

We watched the rest of Spaceballs tonight. I’m afraid Jeffrey will never be the same.

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, Jeffrey went to a friend’s birthday party, while Diane and I saw “Having Our Say” at San Jose Rep. The play was excellent — the audience gave the cast a standing ovation, the first one I’d seen at the Rep for several years, and I thought it was well-deserved.

Sunday, I started the day with a trip to the Y to work out for the first time since going to Amsterdam (and boy, do I need it!), then we puttered around the house — I tried to replace the filter cartridges for the kitchen sink and failed (somehow, I screwed the sumps on more tightly than I can manage to unscrew them). I’m going to try again today — this should not be beyond my capabilities. After that, Diane went to the Y and Jeffrey and I went to the video store, where we bought a fine motion picture, Eegah. But by the time we got home, it was too late to watch it.

This morning, Jeffrey woke up early and watched Eegah (twice — once with the bots and once without). While he was watching for the second time, I installed the USB driver and TWAIN support for my camera so I could upload pictures to my underdesk machine instead of always having to use the laptop. And now we’re going to go do the Los Gatos year-round volksmarch and have lunch en route.

Well, I was close. We did the volksmarch (here are before and after photos as proof (you can tell that Diane is more attuned to long walks than Jeffrey is)), but we noshed instead of eating actual meals. Oh, well. And we passed an typical Los Gatos parking lot, full of Ferraris (we don’t own one) on the way.

Then we came home and puttered for a bit; eventually, some friends came over (bearing a USB hub, no less!) and we had dinner. They also helped unscrew the filter housing, and I was able to put it back together correctly this time, so we have filtered water again.

And after they left, we watched the first half-hour of Spaceballs, which is not in the best of taste, but is very funny (just what I expect from Mel Brooks). I hope Jeffrey doesn’t have too much homework tomorrow so we can finish the movie before it gets late fees.

It’s nice being in California in the spring!

Tomorrow, it’s back to the regular grind for a couple of days.

It's so nice to be back in my office…

Fortunately, it’s the day before a 3-day weekend, and this is the 3-day weekend that we have a site powerdown for maintenance, so I came in to turn on my machines so I could turn off my machines before I leave. There must be a message there….

And the message is…”go home early!” So I am.

Back home!

I did make an unpleasant discovery on the plane — the DVD player I have on my laptop wouldn’t play a Macrovision-protected disc unless I turned off the “TV out” on the graphics adapter, but I could not figure out how to do that, so I couldn’t watch the other movie I’d brought along (The Graduate). I hate copy-protection.

I got home a few minutes before Diane did; it was great to see her and Jeffrey live instead of in photos again! But I fell asleep rather early (before 9pm, not counting the times I dozed off sitting in a chair before that).

I worked from home today; tomorrow, I go to the office to see what disasters arrived in paper mail, and then it’s a three-day weekend. Jeffrey goes on a field trip to the Gold Country tomorrow, so we have to get up early (he has to be at school before 6am). Oh, well, maybe I can get a head start on things.

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