Keukenhof and more

I took a lot of pictures (digital film is free, especially when using rechargeable batteries), some of which did turn out to be worth posting (and I’ll post others when I have better connectivity).

Then we returned to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station (we were supposed to go back to RAI where we started, but we decided to see if we could go downtown instead and succeeded in the attempt) and went to the Anne Frank House. There’s often a one-hour wait, but we picked a good time and got in in just a few minutes; then we spent a very sobering hour-and-a-half going through the house.

After that, it was too late to go to any other museum, so we decided to find the Red Light District. But none of our maps showed where it was very clearly, so we spent an hour or so wandering around (at times in circles) before finding it. No pictures, I’m afraid. Nothing dramatic happened, either.

Then I went to the WWW9 “thank you” reception at the official residence of the Mayor of Amsterdam, which is a very nice canal house. Here’s a picture of me in the back garden; I have more to add later.

And then dinner with some Microsoft and W3C folks; unlike other evenings when dinner ended after 10, this time we went right to midnight. I don’t think I’m going to get up as early tomorrow as I’d originally planned!

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