Interdependence Day

Back to work — getting moving this morning was as bad as I was afraid it would be (it’s so much nicer to wake up naturally instead of when the radio turns on). But I’d been keeping up on my e-mail during the weekend, so I didn’t have a huge pile to deal with when I got to the office. For that matter, most people were smart and took the holiday off, so there wouldn’t have been that much anyway. But my pager started going off as I was pulling into a parking place, hinting that it was going to be a busy day after all.

Had a nice chat with Dave Winer about Manila and Frontier; he seems intrigued by my plans to set up a server inside IBM to help people inside the firewall connect.

And I should have a Frontier server here in the building in the next day or so, working with colleagues on the
Extreme Blue team. I’m still having fun playing with Frontier on the machine at my house, but it’s not a good long-term strategy to have the server there.

Last night’s wine seemed to go better with the salmon we had for dinner than it had with spaghetti. The VacuVin is a wonderful invention for those of us who only sip our wine.

Tomorrow, I hope to spend the day at Paramount’s Great America with my son and his day camp friends. No e-mail, no pager, no phone…sounds like a good time to me, despite the thrill rides.