Step by step, inch by inch

I seemed to spend most of my day walking between my office and the Extreme Blue zone, working on getting Frontier and Manila up on the Bluelogs server-to-be at IBM. There weren’t any major problems, just minor annoyances, like finding out that the IP address we thought we had was being used by someone else, or realizing that I’d left the serial number of the copy of Frontier in my office. Oh, well, I needed the exercise anyway, since I knew I wasn’t going to get to the YMCA today.

I’ve been getting much-appreciated help from Brent on configuring my server to do some odd things (before I can go public with the server, I want users to be able to use the same userid/password for all the sites on the server, for example; I also need my users to be able to list all the sites).

Hmmm…I wonder if the HTMLFavorites.js script which powers “Weblogs to watch” on this site is available to run on other servers.

I hope to make more progress tomorrow, if my eyes undilate early enough to make it worth the trip to the office.

A surfeit of entertainment

Amazon delivered volumes 2-12 of Star Trek today (the “delayed” shipment arrived by US Mail as quickly as the others arrived by UPS). We watched “Mudd’s Women” this evening, and Jeffrey has opened all of the cases and read the information about each episode. I think this’ll keep us busy for a while.

And I’m still reading Harry Potter IV. In fact, it’s time to go back to it now!