Progress on several fronts

Progress on drywall

The drywall guys showed up on time (actually, 10 minutes early) and got right to work; they were happy with the cleanup we’d done and were able to put plastic over what was left exposed. When we got home, they’d removed the remains of the old intercom and had put drywall pieces in their stead, and had put compound over the visible seams in the ceilings. They claim they’ll be done on Thursday.

Progress on BlueLogs

I have my server set up and stable and I fixed the problems which were keeping statistics from being built (I deleted some sites by hand and didn’t get them out of the statistics part of the table; when the report builder tried to find out what was going on, it got confused by the lack of the site and gave up).

I’ve also updated the default home page and about page that gets created.

What I want to do now is to change the site defaults so that every site is public (anyone who’s a member of the supersite should be able to get to the discussion group and make comments unless the owner specifically locks it up); I’ve done this by changing manila.root, but I’m afraid it might get overwritten later and have asked on the Frontier DG.

I may go ahead and announce the server tomorrow anyway.

A Visit from Mike Nelson

No, not the guy on Mystery Science Theatre 3000; this Mike Nelson is my manager. He
was in town to talk to the Extreme Blue team through lunch; after that, we spent most of the afternoon together. This is very unusual — we rarely talk in person! It was rather refreshing, in fact.


When I turned on this machine tonight, the SCSI bootup did not go well; the first time around, it seemed like the disk didn’t want to stay “ready”, and the CD drives never responded to the card at all. A power cycle seems to have fixed the problem, at least for now, but I think I’m going to copy my critical data before powering down!

Specific Useless Information Sought

Do you know the program name for the OS/360 linking loader? Not the linkage editor — that was IEWL. But the loader which then ran your program immediately without creating a load module on disk. If you do remember the name of this program, drop me a note or put an entry in the discussion group. Thanks.