Fry's — where shopping is a pleasure (sometimes)

Today, we set forth to buy a small refrigerator for my office — I want to be able to survive on the days when the cafeteria is not up to par. We’d gotten an ad from Office Depot showing a 1.8 cubic foot model for $110 before $10 rebate; that sounded like a reasonable price, so off we went.

After some searching, we found the unit, marked for $120, with no mention of a rebate. And the only ads they had posted didn’t mention the refrigerator. And we couldn’t find anyone to help us. So we left, went home, and dug the ad out of the recycle bin.

But by then, it was lunchtime; after lunch, I decided to check Fry’s (I also am in the market for a laser printer) instead of going back to Office Depot. Much to my surprise, I found the same refrigerator at Fry’s for $110 (but no sign of a rebate); but then I looked a bit more and found a Daewoo for $100, and then a Sanyo for $80 (on sale, down from $120). We bought the Sanyo. No muss, no fuss, not a very long wait at the register. It was hard to believe I was shopping at Fry’s!

Then to my office to plug it in — I even made a sign to make the safety people happy:

Food and Drink Only

No Chemicals

Tomorrow, I’ll find out if it’s actually able to cool stuff enough to be useful.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet and peaceful weekend. Time to go watch “Millionaire”!