They claim I'm normal

Or at least my MRI came back as normal, which is good enough for me at this point.

I’m appalled to hear about the vandalism of Diane Reese’s car. It’s not entirely because vandalism is bad — there is some self-interest involved, too, since I park in the same parking lot, and I was wondering why there was a car up on jacks on Wednesday when I came in. We work at a rather isolated facility, so I am afraid that it was a co-worker who did the deed.

Off to Boston….

….and here I am!

Word of advice to all: make sure your travel agent has your current hotel guest numbers in your profile. I didn’t, and they sent the wrong number to Marriott. As a result, my record didn’t get flagged as a frequent guest, and they didn’t hold a non-smoking room for me. I’m lucky, though — I have a room (they were starting to walk people) and, though it’s a smoking room, it’s not horribly smoky.

I have now gotten the travel agent to fix my profile.

Such problems the modern era brings…..