Post-fast, pre-painters

That pretty much sums up today and tomorrow — Yom Kippur is over (thanks to the Rileys for the splendid break-the-fast), and the painters are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning.  We are not ready, despite Diane’s best efforts (my efforts so far don’t qualify as “best”, I’m afraid), and so this must be a very short posting so I can help.

The Merc ‘fesses up

Apparently yesterday’s “severe production problems” were actually due to a protest from the carriers about the price of gasoline and an increased workload.  The protest continued today, at least for my carrier.  I wonder if we’ll get a paper tomorrow.

Why didn’t I try that 16 years ago?

Ever since we moved into this house, we’ve been annoyed by the nails the previous owners had left in the living room wall.  Since they painted the house just before selling it, I assumed that the nails were well and truly imbedded in something and would be hard to take out, and so we put art on the wall in spots picked to cover the nails as best as we could.

But with the painters coming tomorrow, I decided it was worth trying to get the nails out so that, perhaps, we could have a nice-looking wall at the end of the process.  So I dug out my pliers and discovered that the nails were firmly imbedded in not much of anything — they came out with almost no effort.  If I’d only realized how easy it was, I’d’ve done it years ago!