Seven days without blogging makes one week

Hmmm…seems to me I’ve read a slogan much like that before, but with other words instead of “blogging”.

At any rate, life has been pleasantly busy for the past week; I didn’t even know about the ETP outage until it was over (and I’d like to add my vote of thanks to Dave and Userland for making this weblog possible and easy, if not strictly necessary). It looks like we’ll continue busy for the forseeable future, too, but I do hope to check in here more regularly again.

Right now, there are four projects getting my attention; in no particular order, they are: closing the books on 2000 and doing my taxes (joy, joy…); planning our trip to Las Vegas (we need to pick a hotel soon); working on my first Sash application in time to enter it into our departmental contest in two weeks; and helping Jeffrey do his 5th grade state report on Minnesota.

For the last one, I’m the designated technology consultant and Internet search specialist — I even have a trophy attesting to my skill at Internet searching, earned at the First Internet Bowl at Internet World in Boston in 1995 (see this press clipping or repeat this Google search if you don’t believe me, though I can’t find any pictures of the trophy, which is in the trophy case at work). But Jeffrey still has to do the work, and he’s none too thrilled about that!