Small indulgences

I’m in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the next few days, attending a bunch of W3C meetings. I decided to leave my GPS at home for three reasons:

  1. American Airlines doesn’t let me use it in flight, which is when it’s the most fun.
  2. I may wind up not going farther from the hotel than the shopping center across the street — if I go that far!
  3. I didn’t have a chance to load the Boston area map before the taxi came.

But I should have a fix for the last problem by the time I get home; before I left, I ordered a 128MB data card, which will hold at least 16 area maps; that should let me put my usual haunts onto the card once and never have to worry about reloading them, and I’ll still have an 8MB card for odd locations.

The flight out was uneventful and comfortable, since I was able to upgrade (amazingly, first class was almost half-empty!). It took a while to check in, though; the person at the counter when I arrived was on his way to Tel Aviv and hadn’t realized how many hoops he’d have to go through before being cleared (special X-raying of his baggage, and I’m not sure what else) — and, of course, he was running late, having left only enough time for a normal check-in. *sigh* I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake on his way out of Tel Aviv — when they say “arrive three hours early”, they mean it!

Time to declare it a night; it’s not snowing, so I’m happy.