What could be better than Paris in the Spring?

I expect to be going to Israel in a couple of weeks to help with the opening of the W3C’s new Office there; as long as I have to be on the eastern side of the Atlantic, I will also be handling some business in England and then attending an IBM meeting in Paris. The timing of all this leaves me over there a weekend — while I could, in theory, go home for the weekend, in practice, I’d spend nearly 24 hours in airplane seats and have almost three hours at home to show for it.

So I was originally planning to spend the weekend in Paris, getting ready for the meeting which starts there on a Monday. Paris in the Spring is very nice (I think they’ve even written songs about it!), though I’d prefer not to be there by myself — but I might have found something better to do.

I’ve been a fan of The Prisoner for a long time; Diane and I even drove to Portmerion on a trip to England just so we could see the place (it looks bigger on TV than in reality). So how can I resist going to a Prisoner convention, in Portmerion, on the weekend I’m free? Of course, I need to consider the small danger of being unable to leave the Village when I want to….and the not-so-small problem of getting to Paris on time even if I do leave when I want. So I’ll probably do Paris anyway, but….