All of your matzo are belong to us

The computers stayed off all weekend, partially in deference to Shabbat and Passover, but mostly because we had better things to do with our time (including Shabbat and Passover). We attended services on both Saturday and Sunday morning at Shir Hadash, a rather abbreviated Seder with our Havurah on Saturday night, and a complete Seder at home on Sunday night. Technically speaking, Reform Jews only recognize one Seder, on the first night of Passover, because there’s only one day of full holiday (just as in Israel), but most years, we go to at least two Sederot, one at our house and the other(s) elsewhere.

Wine of the Day

We had Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc at our Seder at home, and quite enjoyed it; it was fruity and somewhat on the sweet side, which went well with the salmon we had for dinner. We’d had Baron Herzog wines in previous years and hadn’t been very happy about them, but I’d managed to forget the bad experiences when I picked this one up; and at any rate, I was sure we’d like this far better than the traditional Manischewitz!

Movie of the Weekend

I made the mistake of not leaving the room when Jeffrey started watching the MST3K version of Hobgoblins yesterday. When Pearl took it out of the protective cabinet to inflict it on the Satellite of Love crew, I should have heeded the warning: “May cause blindness and death” — it certainly killed a couple of hours I could have spent doing something more productive, like collecting belly-button lint.