Kenneth, what is the frequency?

But I am pretty sure that the frequency of updates here will be down a bit for the next month or so (in fact, it already is, since this is my first update for a few days). I’m not going on hiatus or anything drastic like that, just trying to do a bit less recreational computing and spend more time in real life, but if you’re looking for a daily dose of wit and wisdom, you should probably widen your search to include some of the ‘blogs listed over on the left.

Recreational Computing

Jeffrey’s a big Star Trek fan, and is eagerly awaiting the premiere of Enterprise (and, I have to admit, I am too). So when I saw the link from Brent to pictures from the new series, I had to follow it. And then I found a clip of an interview which I knew Jeffrey would want to see, so I tried it on my laptop.

But after downloading 7.5MB, all I got was audio. So I thought I’d try it on Jeffrey’s machine. But all he got was audio, too. So I upgraded his copy of Windows Media Player. And then we got audio. So I upgraded Internet Explorer and applied all sorts of other updates from Microsoft’s site. And we still just get audio.

Maybe a Mac would be easier.


Last night, when we got home from services, we discovered we’d been in a bit too much of a hurry to get there. We’d missed a small piece of salmon that had dropped to the floor — but in the couple of hours we’d been gone, some ants had found it. And they’d told their friends.

So there was a huge clump of ants enjoying the salmon, and busy trails of ants across the kitchen, through the family room, and on outside. We attacked with damp paper towels, vacuum cleaners, and other tools, and even sprayed the apparent point of entry (outside). Then everyone took a shower to get rid of any bugs which had climbed aboard, even Jeffrey, who far prefers baths.

It was a rather late night for all of us — but this morning, there weren’t any ants around, so I guess it was a success.