Starting the week on a flat note

Then yesterday, we had some friends over for a Labor Day BBQ (salmon and corn, yum!); they tried helping me make a
JP-1 interface to my new remote control. We had limited success, probably caused by my not planning ahead and labelling the wires, so that they wound up going to the wrong place on the connector and not working. But no permanent harm seems to have been done, either to the computer or the remote control, and I’ll try again another day.

This morning, it was time to face the music; Jeffrey went to school with his first project of the year (which we’ll get to see on Back To School night, I suspect), and then it was time for Diane and me to go to work. She left without incident; I didn’t. My car felt funny, as though it were tilted. So I parked and took a look, and sure enough, it was tilted. I had a flat tire. Foolishly, I drove it home (about a block) and then tried to change it. No dice — I couldn’t budge the lugnuts. But Saab Roadside Assistance came through for me and got the job done; the serviceman also showed me what had punctured the tire.

So I drove to my nearby tire dealer to get the tire fixed, but they said I’d ruined it by driving it while flat (not terribly to my surprise — the sidewall didn’t look at all good), so I had to have the tire replaced. Which meant that the car had to wait for the proper tire to show up from their warehouse, which meant I had to walk home (uphill both ways, of course) and work from home.

Oh, well; whatever paper was waiting for me at work will be there tomorrow, and e-mail is available everywhere, so I didn’t really lose anything but indigestion by not going into the office. And now I have a shiny new tire, too.