It's the little things

As I was driving to work this morning, I was listening to KCBS, the local all-news station. As usual, they had traffic reports every ten minutes. But suddenly, I realized that there was something different — all of the information was coming from the ground. Traffic helicopters, like everything else, are grounded.

My father-in-law lives very near Kennedy Airport; usually, there are planes passing by every few minutes, and when the weather is right, they fly right overhead. He said it’s been eerily quiet for the last few days.

No shame, part II

Since I use my Hotmail account for this blog, it draws more than its share of spam. Yesterday, I happened to look in the “Bulk Mail” folder and saw a piece of spam whose (forged) from-address included the phrase, “Anti-spammers support Bin Laden”.

I’ve now reconfigured Hotmail to throw away apparent spam immediately instead of keeping it for 14 days.

What’s that up in the air?

Diane and I were out for a post-dinner walk when we heard a vaguely-familiar sound — a low rumble in the distance. And then we looked north towards San Jose Airport and saw airplanes on climb out, one of which circled overhead on its way East. I don’t know the flights were freight, repositioning, or passenger, but it was good to see planes moving again.