I am not a Hebrew scholar

“Shabbat Shalom” means “Sabbath Peace”, not “Sabbath of Peace”. I think I was close enough.

Because it’s been Shabbat, I haven’t had the TV or radio on. The silence has been refreshing, and, now that I’ve taken a look at the Web, it doesn’t appear that I’ve missed much. That’s a problem with TV news — they have to fill every second with something, and all too often, it’s speculation. There is no substitute for TV news when it comes to real-time live information and images, but it is not a medium which lends itself to reflection.

2 thoughts on “I am not a Hebrew scholar

  1. A friend asked I substantiate something a Hebrew teacher told her—that the Jews have a teaching that the chosen of God are caught up to heaven for ten days during RH 2008; confirm or know where I could?

    thank you for your patience


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