Y2K bugs live on

I took our car in for regular service today, and was amused to note the date on the repair order: “Tuesday, October 1, 1901”. Hey, if it doesn’t bother the repair shop, it doesn’t bother me!

Now that I have a TiVo, I’m amazed how much good stuff there is on TV — it’s just that most of it is on at 3am or similar hours. I’m confident I’ll never be able to keep up with what it captures for me, but at least I have a chance to see some good programs.

Enterprise definitely qualified as a good program — we all watched it raptly, and I’m looking forward to the next episode. I love the way the characters portray a sense of wonder about what’s happening — it’s not just another day at the office for them. This is a far cry from my reaction to Voyager — I watched the first episode, then taped the second one but never actually got around to watching it because the first one had left me so flat. Voyager eventually improved, of course, but I don’t feel compelled to track down the episodes I missed.