Sometimes, I'm an easy mark

Today was one of those times. I wanted to check the weather, so I went to my bookmark for the local weather on First, they gave me an interstitial ad, then a pop-up, then a jump-up, and then something on the window made noises — but eventually, I got the weather.

Later on, I wanted to check it again, so I decided to try the Weather Underground. They had an ad or two on the page, too, but one of the ads offered to sell me a year’s ad-free membership on the site for $5. That was a no-brainer — I’ve been using the Weather Underground for years, going back to when it was a Gopher site at the University of Michigan, and so I was glad to give them $5.

Buying Radio Userland should have been a no-brainer, too, but I didn’t get around to doing so until I was writing this posting. I tried using it right after 8.0 was released, but didn’t make a habit of it, so it expired. But now I’ve got it and will begin playing with it again, as though I needed something else to do with my time!

But I don’t plan to donate a buck to Adam Curry, even though I enjoy his site a lot. First, because if I did donate to him, where would I stop (there are a lot of people whose sites I enjoy over in the left margin)? And, I guess his being a multi-millionaire might have something to do with it, too (though a buck wouldn’t break me, either)…but I’ll happily donate egoboo instead.

Starting over

I think I’ve cleared out all the debris at the Radio site, and I invite you to join me there to see just how badly a weblog can begin.

Technology is not always your friend

Jeffrey’s Hebrew class is learning Torah cantillation, which will help prepare them for their B’nai Mitzvot (less than a year away!).  The book that they’re using comes with an accompanying CD, with several tracks per trope, to make it easy to find the right track to match the lesson.  All in all, there are 83 tracks.

Unfortunately, the CD player he’s using is an old cheap boombox, and it only displays track numbers up to 39 — we didn’t discover this until today, when he wanted to play track 40 and couldn’t find it!

So I’m in the process of copying tracks 40-79 onto a new CD so that they’ll be accessible.  Easy CD Creator came with my CD burner, so I thought I’d use it.  That was probably a mistake.  Even though I have a 24x burner, the defaults in the software have slowed it down to a crawl — it stopped between tracks when it was copying the audio, and now it’s stopping between every track as it’s burning the new disc.  So what I thought would be a five-minute process is turning into a half-hour exercise — and then I’ll have to figure out how to finalize the disc so it can be used in the CD player. 

Oh, well; it’s cheaper than buying another boombox.

And it worked!