Good news on the hockey front

During the first intermission, I called my Mom and got the result of the RPI-Princeton game; RPI won, 6-0, and advances to the ECAC Final Five next weekend in Lake Placid.

The Sharks game was fun, though I wish I knew hockey better — Jeffrey and I will be going again next week with the Shir Hadash Men’s Club. And if time permits, I’m going to try to listen to next week’s RPI games on WRPI.

A new record!

I just checked my work e-mail account; there were 51 new messages waiting for me. 43 were clearly spam just from the subject line (more than half of those were in an Asian character set!) — unless, of course, the IRS is really trying to get in touch with me by e-mail. Of the other 8 messages, one was a (funny) joke from my Mom, one was a bogus and content-free virus warning, one was from a mailing list which I actually subscribe to, and the other four were generated by various automated processes inside IBM.

I remember when e-mail was the killer app. Now, it’s more of a time-killing app.