So far, so good….

I’ve been watching the bank’s credit card site closely, and no other fraudulent charges have shown up, but their reporting runs a couple of days behind, so I’m not totally out of the woods yet.

The good news is that my new temporary card arrived quickly and appears to work (at least the pump at two different gas stations accepted it), so I’m not facing a weekend without E-Z Credit.

Speaking of E-Z Credit, Commander Dave points out in the discussion group that having a fraud alert on one’s records can make it hard to take advantage of special financing deals (like the ones department stores love to run: open an account today and take 10% off everything you buy). That’s true, but right now, I’d rather feel safer.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend; the taxes are done and there’s no religious school on Sunday because of Passover (unfortunately, I can’t go to the YMCA and work out on Sunday, either, though it’s not due to Passover). I have uttered a mighty oath that I will clean up the junk on the dining room table this weekend so that it can be used again, and also that I will replace the under-the-sink water filter; I am sure I’ll utter some mighty oaths in the process, too.

Shabbat Shalom!