RFC 3251 – more real than I thought!

This year, RFC 3251, Electricity over IP, was one of the April 1st RFCs.  Diane sent a copy to her brother who works for Avaya, and got this reply:

The really scary part is people really ARE working on how do distribute electricity over IP! This is needed to power IP telephones.

I’ll have to send this to our power group :-)

Boldly going…

[Everything in this section blatantly ripped off from Brad‘s Must See HTTP]

DOGS. IN. SPAAAAAACE! A fanpage for Porthos, Captain Archer’s faithful beagle from Enterprise. [hat tip to The Cabal]

LCARS HICCOUGH: Meanwhile, these missives from the official Star Trek news site, stardate:04012002…

The foolishness continues…

I spent too long on the phone today with Experian, Equifax, and Linkline, but it looks like I made some progress; Experian and Equifax took my corrections and will be sending us updated reports, and Linkline is still working with Verizon to clean up the mess (which, apparently, got started when I tried to consolidate my two phone bills into one — for some reason, Verizon took that as a decision to terminate my DSL service, and it’s been confused ever since). And I won’t know if I’ve beaten the X-10 box into submission until tomorrow morning; I tried to fix it yesterday, but made a subtle programming error which meant nothing turned itself on this morning.