Today, I am a fountain pen!

Well, not quite.

But it was a very good day for me at work today, because my appointment as an IBM Distinguished Engineer was [finally] announced; I found out about it in late February, but was under a vow of silence until today. Interestingly enough, the appointment became effective last Monday — yes, that was April Fool’s Day — I hope they’re not trying to tell me something!

I wasn’t alone at being named a Distinguished Engineer; 62 of my colleagues were promoted at the same time. I don’t know all of them, but I feel honored to be in the same group as the ones I do know.

Knowledge Management is a mystery

I’m in Toronto this week at the IBM Knowledge Management conference. Tonight, we had the conference dinner at Mysteriously Yours on Yonge Street; a fine time was had by all, and the food was pretty good, too (though I could do without a banana leaf under my salmon in the future). I can also cheerfully recommend the Upper Canada Dark Ale, which struck me as a far superior choice to the random Chilean wine they were serving.