I didn't know they had *that* kind of ad on the radio!

The play was good; at the end, we stood and applauded (but only about 20% of the audience did likewise). And we even stuck around for the discussion afterwards. I would recommend it, even if the Merc didn’t.

On Sunday, we went knife shopping. Al, it’s your fault — I was happy with my dull knives until you started talking about your Global knife and I bought one. Then another. Then a sharpener. Yesterday’s purchase was a set of steak knives (which we mostly use to cut oranges) to replace the “never need sharpening” cheapies we had, and which had dulled over the years. We now have a set of Henckels steak knives…and I’m steeling them after each use. Sheesh.

We also tried to watch the first episode of Firefly, which we’d Tivo’d on Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to check to see if there was a baseball game before the episode…and there was, and it ran long, so we only got the first 30 minutes of the show. It was still cute and showed promise — it is an unabashed Western in space (down to the music, and the barroom brawl to start the first episode); we’ll Tivo next week’s episode and see if it’s worth continuing to watch.

And I think we’re in the market for a widescreen TV. I’d love to get a plasma screen, but we watch too much 4:3 stuff for that to be a good idea (plasmas burn in over time, and 4:3 stuff causes uneven wear). The Samsung 507 DLP projection HDTV is awfully tempting….