I had a brilliant, if unoriginal, idea yesterday. We need to clear everything out of our living room and dining room by Monday so that the floor refinishers can do their thing. The books are mostly taken care of, but there’s much more to deal with, including a big rug, and we were despairing of finding a place to put it.

Then inspiration struck: have the rug cleaned.

So this morning, the rug left, to return after the floors are ready. If only the rest of the stuff were as easy to deal with.

Got spare time?

Then try this. [Link via Jenny]

Saving space

My A/V (err, Home Theatre) furniture is full. I want to get a HDTV-ready TV, which won’t fit in the cabinet we have — but most of the ones I’ve seen for big TVs don’t have as many places to put other equipment as I’d like. But perhaps I can give up on at least one technology. [Link via Garret]

And I’m suddenly very interested in having a DVD Recorder; that would let me dub my LaserDiscs and put that player away (and, over time, I could get rid of my stock of VHS tapes, too).

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