It came in the mail

Jeff Klepper, a well-known Jewish singer/songwriter, performed at Shir Hadash a few months ago. As is typical at such a performance, he was selling CDs; his latest, “Live in Concert”, wasn’t yet available, but it would be mailed when it was ready. No problem; I wrote a check and forgot all about it.

Cut to today: a padded envelope arrived at my house, with handwritten addresses; the return address appeared to be “Zahar”, with a post office box in West Roxbury, Mass. I couldn’t think of anyone in West Roxbury who’d be sending me anything, especially something in a padded envelope with extra tape. It looked suspicious. In fact, it came awfully close to meeting the FBI’s profile of suspicious packages.

I stared at the package for a while; I tried Google searches for Zahar and Roxbury, and for the PO Box number. No dice.

So I finally did what the FBI recommends — I called the police. The officer who came out said that they’d gotten lots of calls like mine last fall, and that they still get a few every month, and that they’d much rather have someone call than take a chance. But after he’d looked at the envelope, he was fairly sure it would turn out to be innocuous, so he suggested we go outside and open it.

He opened it, and a CD came out. It was Jeff Klepper’s “Live in Concert”. And then I realized that the return address was probably “Zohar” rather than “Zahar”.

I haven’t played the CD yet, but I expect to enjoy it!

Jeff Klepper replies:


This is a very funny story. But seriously, I do apologize for the
unintended inconvenience. You were right to be cautious.

Last Monday was a comedy of errors so your story doesn’t surprise me.
After being promised they would be ready on Friday, but sorry, no go, and
biting my nails over the weekend, I had just rushed from the pressing plant
and wanted to get the CDs in the mail since I had promised them by the 20th.
So my daughter and I addressed them at a Peet’s Coffee, then we realized we
didn’t have a stapler and begged the post office folks to lend me their
scotch tape. I guess I only missed by a day. The PO Box is for my record
company, Zohar Records – yes, printed labels would be a very good idea.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Enjoy the music. And now, like the folk-tale Joseph The Tailor, you have a
story of your very own to tell.

And so I have.