Blue skies

I’m still in White Plains, still at the hotel. But that’s only because I’m not yet ready to leave, not because of the weather.

And I guess I didn’t really have to stay at the hotel here overnight; they reopened the runway at White Plains and my flight departed at 11:29pm, arriving in O’Hare at 12:39am Central time. So I could have spent another 5-1/2 hours at White Plains airport, then hoped to find a place to stay near O’Hare. Somehow, I think I made the right decision bailing when I did.

This morning dawned partly cloudy and not too cold; I worked out in the hotel’s exercise room, then walked over to a nearby diner to have breakfast (I’m sure the hotel restaurant would have been fine, but I wanted to be outside for a change!). And now I’m back in my room waiting until it’s closer to flight time and doing a bit of work and weblogging to pass the time away.

Shabbat Shalom!