Bootcamp Day 19 — Real Jazz

One of the nice things about living in the Bay Area is having a full-time jazz station, KCSM/91.1; I’m a member, and it’s been one of the presets on my car radio for a number of years. But they talk a lot. Sometimes, it’s good, when they’re talking about the music; other times, it’s not so good, when they’re going through the Jazz Datebook or asking for support (I know that they have to run pledge drives — that’s how they got me to join in the first place — but I don’t have to like them). And reception could be better in a lot of places. But still, it’s one of the FM stations I listen to most often.

So I expected to enjoy today’s Bootcamp channel, Real Jazz. And I was not disappointed. I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve heard today, whether I was using it as background or foreground listening (more background than foreground, I’m afraid). The only real problem was a timing problem — today is also Mozart’s birthday, and I’d also like to be listening to the All-Mozart day on XM Classics. But it’s ok — I’m sure we’ll be listening to Mozart at home.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep listening to jazz at work — definitely worth a preset!