Bootcamp Day 45 — Soul Street

When I was growing up in Richmond, there was one station (WANT/990) which was aimed directly at the Black community. I never listened to it. But the top-40 station (WLEE/1480) played a lot of music from Black artists (especially those who recorded for Motown), mixed in with the rest of their playlist.

Listening to Soul Street today reminded me of those days — I heard many familiar artists and songs which I’d heard often on WLEE — and which, for the most part, I hadn’t heard since.

There were some clunkers, but in general, Soul Street was good listening today (though they lost me when they went to a half-hour of Black History Month celebration — I was looking for music, not documentary programming). I’ll be back, but for fairly small doses; I like my soul music mixed in with other formats, not as an exclusive diet.