Bootcamp Day 94 — Vox!

If you like opera, you’ll like Vox!. There are some operas I enjoy (or at least there are some excerpts from some operas which I enjoy), but I have to admit that my favorite operatic performance of all time is What’s Opera, Doc?, and so I think it’s safe to say that I fall outside of Vox’s prime audience.

So tuning in today was interesting, especially interweaving listening with work. I heard two acts of “Hamlet”, and part of “Anna Bolena”, but I don’t know either work well enough to know what’s going on, and I couldn’t really concentrate on listening.

If I knew there was going to be something on which I’d like, and which I had enough time to listen to in its entirety, I’d be willing to come back — but this isn’t a channel for casual, short-burst listening. At least not for me.