Bootcamp Day 73 (Delayed) — Ethel

I was travelling during the Bootcamp’s “Hell Week”, so I’ll be making up for those channels during this week, before Bootcamp officially ends on Friday.

The first channel I visited was Ethel, which plays harder (and uncensored) alternative rock than Fred does. Ethel’s page says:

On Ethel, expect to hear deep tracks from many HUGE artists…songs that were never played on the radio, but you know ’em cuz you bought the CD.

Well, I didn’t buy the CDs played on Ethel, and what I’ve heard doesn’t make me want to go buy them (or even download them). I much preferred what I heard during my visit to Fred — I don’t know if that’s because I visited Fred in the evening, while I’m listening to Ethel mid-day, or whether there are deeper reasons, but I think it’ll be a long time before I come back to Ethel.