Bootcamp Day 100 — XM Live

Today is the last day of XM Bootcamp II. I don’t know what I’m going to do without clear direction on what channel to listen to each day — I guess I’ll cope somehow.

Anyway, today’s channel is XM Live, which bills itself as “The Artists’ Playground”. The gimmick is very simple: play live concerts. Well, previously-recorded live concerts. Many come from the BBC; some come from XM. The concerts are generally one hour long. And the schedule is published well in advance.

So it’s pretty easy to listen to what you like on this channel, and avoid what you don’t like — if the schedule shows an hour of Black Eyed Peas, as it did at 11am Pacific today, that’s an hour to avoid. In contrast, an hour of Santana is going to be Good Listening (not to be confused with Good Eats).

I’ll be back, but only for certain hours.