There goes another week!

I thought I’d have a lot to write about this week, but I don’t — I’ve been too busy at work to do anything fun or noteworthy!

But despite the best efforts of the stockholders of IBM to keep me busy, I did manage to find a few things to talk about.

The most interesting, at least at this writing, is the Hebrew Beginner’s Course at Milingua. Diane actually discovered this one, not me, but when she sent Jeff and me a note when their word of the day was “Kehillah” (which is the name of the high school he will be attending in the fall (yikes!)), I took a look at the site and decided to give it a try. I’d gone to Hebrew School when I was a kid, and I can sound out the words in the prayerbook, but I can’t understand Hebrew, nor can I read it for meaning (barring the words I recognize from prayers). I just finished lesson two, the alphabet — so far, so good. Of course, I haven’t gotten into anything new yet, either!

I’m still pleased with XM Radio. I had to have it on in my office today to mask conversations in nearby offices — but I left it on long after the conversations ended. I really enjoyed calling Earle Bailey at Deep Tracks and asking him to play some Seatrain, and having him play it five minutes later. I wish I’d thought to ask for their version of “Flute Thing”, though.

Next week, I’m off to the wilds of Westchester County for the kickoff meeting on an IBM Academy study on Wikis and Weblogs; it should be interesting. I hope so, anyway!

Shabbat Shalom!