So much for season three

I’ve been very happy to have a DirecTiVo this year, since both Enterprise and Smallville were on at the same time (and they’re the only two network shows we watch). Having the DirecTiVo meant we could record both of them and watch at our leisure, skipping the commercials.

But since we’re still waiting for our HDTiVo to arrive, we’ve had to watch the shows in standard definition instead of HDTV. That seemed like a good trade-off for not seeing commercials and not having to pick one or the other, but tonight, we made an exception for the season finale of Enterprise. Viewing it in HDTV was very nice — being powerless to skip the commercials wasn’t.

The show brought the third season’s story arc to a clean conclusion, but I was somewhat disappointed by the final twist [caution, spoilers!]. If you missed last week’s episode, you can find a slightly twisted summary on Trek Nation (thanks to Jeff for the pointer).

Now that new TV is over for a while, we can work on our backlog. The old TiVo has tons of Good Eats, a few movies, and some miscellany (it’s not full, thanks to Weaknees…we still have a movie we recorded the first week we had it, back in January ’03…wonder if we’ll ever watch it), and then there’s the rest of the only season of Firefly, not to mention the Mr. Bean episodes that Jeff and Diane have watched but I haven’t, and….

Too bad I don’t get a summer vacation to catch up on my viewing!