In French, “Reunion” is just a meeting

Diane and I are at O’Hare Airport, about half-way through our trip to RPI Reunion ’05 (my 6th). I was on the organizing committee, though somehow I missed the last few calls (or they didn’t happen), so I will be surprised by whatever we do for the Parade of Classes.

I turned in our rental car this morning at Hertz Local Edition near (but not at) the airport; they gave us a ride to the terminal, and it may have been faster than if I’d returned the car at the airport itself — my experiences with the SJC shuttle have not been good ones. I had, of course, planned to return the car at the airport, but the nice folks at Hertz told me that trying to return a car rented as an “insurance replacement” to the airport would cause me nothing but grief, and I was willing to believe them.

I’d been unable to check in online, so I was expecting at least one of us to undergo the dreaded “secondary screening” at the airport — but that didn’t happen. There were only a couple of people ahead of us in the check-in line; security was no different than usual. And we had plenty of time to wait for our flight (which left on time and arrived a few minutes early).

We’ve got another two hours ahead of us here at the Concourse G Admiral’s Club; time to have some lunch.