Dumpster Diving for Fun and Education

They’re cleaning out an office down the hall from me, and I’ve been passing the big waste bin all week. I don’t know whose office it was, but the person obviously hadn’t weeded his or her collection for a long time.

I restrained myself from taking the Token-Ring card (in its original box), even though it was one of the fancy 4/16 Mb models. I even passed up the copy of Lotus Notes 4 for Dummies. But when I saw two classic James Martin books, I couldn’t resist.

So now I’m the proud “owner” of Security, Accuracy, and Privacy in Computer Systems and Design of Man-Computer Dialogues, both from 1973, part of the comprehensive James Martin collection.

It should be interesting comparing what Martin was saying in 1973 with today’s practice.

One thought on “Dumpster Diving for Fun and Education

  1. It seems that the dumpster traversal of the hallways in ARC is not limited to E wing. The dumpster is also moving along B wing. I personally have acquire a few interesting works on operations research, operator theory and the complete proceedings of numerous conferences.

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